Lise London is the creation of the Franco-Spanish avant-garde Fashion Designer, Isabel Martin, who launched her Fashion career from London, the most vibrant and inspiring of all world capitals. Back in 1982, she was breaking ground with a new concept of shape with her revolutionary three-dimensional fabrics and her irregular pleats, which sold in the best stores throughout the world.


Isabel Martin’s life passion for perfumes led her to create the Luxury Lise London Lifestyle Fragrances to offer perfume-lovers and romance-seekers, the finest and purest of scents to transport them to a dream-world of emotions. All her perfumes are either inspired by literary masterpieces or great stories of the past.


Her first perfume, CATLEYA, named after an evening dress and created in 1993, was inspired by the expression « to make Catleya », meaning « to make love » in Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past. Until recently, CATLEYA, the Secret love code Perfume was only available to her Fashion clients.


In the past 15 years, with similar passion and innovative spirit, she has created a collection of original Perfumes of the highest quality and refinement, each presented with a playful MANUAL for living and for love in the inner folds of every box.


Every Perfume box carries a unique code, giving access to the full version of the MANUAL in 11 languages, in the « members only » section of the Lise London website.


Sold separately, they are presented as happy Couples sharing the same values in Life. Each perfume, stamped out with very strong symbolism, is made in France and is a true delight for the senses.