19 Nov A PERFECT GENTLEMAN with Manual

                                                                       A PERFECT GENTLEMAN 

This week Lise London is exploring what it means to be ‘A Perfect Gentleman’. Powerful scents of Oud and Frankincense are just a couple of the vital ingredients, which make Lise’s scent so special.   These noble notes sparked our inquisitive nature – just what does it mean to be A Perfect Gentleman? Of course he is well-mannered, considerate and stylish, but is he something of the past? Who is the modern gentleman? Is he gallant, devoted, a knight in shining armour? Or is he something more… well, modern?

Lise’s playful guide on how to be a Perfect Gentleman is inspired by the perfume itself and offers witty anecdotes and insights into who he was, is and could be. He is both: past and present. A Perfect Gentleman is a scent for both the younger and older gentleman; its power to transport any man is limitless. Join us on our journey to discover what makes a perfect gentleman, Lise London wants to know who he is to you, so let us know!    

                                                                        A gentlemana-perfect-gentleman-with-flowers
                                                                        Never forgets
                                                                        The heartbreaks
                                                                        That made him
                                                                        Who he is today,
                                                                        Nor does he forget
                                                                        That the lessons
                                                                        Will continue.
                                                                        A gentleman
                                                                        Will keep learning,
                                                                        As long as he remains
                                                                       True to himself,
                                                                       And the things
                                                                       for which
                                                                       He stands.

                                                                       – Arturo Hernandez


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