06 Apr David Charles Rose

Throughout his life, Oscar Wilde took pleasure in constantly re-inventing himself and his image. It is not surprising, therefore, that since his death Wilde, the æsthete, has become a showcase for a number of de luxe items, perfume among them. This accords well with the saying attributed to him ‘I have the simplest tastes, being content with the best’.

Lise London has perfectly understood the spirit of Wilde in creating a whole range of perfumes inspired by the author and his works. Throughout her subtle scents, she has captured both style and charm. With ‘A perfect Gentleman’, ‘An Ideal Husband’, ‘An Ideal Wife’ and her other fascinating perfumes, she recreates all his elegance.

I believe I can say from my own understanding of Wilde, who enjoyed sophisticated perfumes, that he would have appreciated Lise London’s dramatic and refined fragrances as much as these are liked by to-day’s admirers of the Irish dandy… And even by those who are not yet his admirers!

David Charles Rose
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