20 Jan Paul Bocuse was a chef perfectionist like a master perfumer: HOMAGE TO CHEF PAUL BOCUSE

            An homage to Paul Bocuse

        French Chef with 3 stars Michelin since 1965

The long training of a top Chef is similar in time to that of

a Master Perfumer

as each must learn technically how to best use the products available and they

enhance their creations with raw materials from same origins, although treated

differently, like the herbs, essential oils and spices which flavour a dish or make a

wonderful fragrance.

Paul Bocuse was trained by Chef Mère Brazier who owned 2 restaurants in Lyon.

Chef Mère Brazier was the first woman to be awarded 3 Stars Michelin.

Paul Bocuse’s life was entirely dedicated to his passion, the best of Cuisines. Being

a Chef or a Perfumer is a labor of Love.

Isabel Martin, Perfumer of Lise London, he never compromised on quality and

gave the best of himself to his customers. He made people happy through his

wonderful cuisine, just like Lise London Perfumes are destined to make people

happy through its Scents with Manuals for Love and for Life.

His most emblematic dish was the truffle soup.

The Lise London Team says farewell to

Paul Bocuse with the best wishes for a well deserved serene and happy after-life.

Good luck to our much admired Paul Bocuse.

Lise London Team


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